Hagit Westschneider graduate of the Department of Architecture at Tel Aviv University and a studio of architecture and design in Tel Aviv.


The studio deals with architectural planning and interior design for apartments and houses, commercial properties and planning for the commercial sector.


The planning process is conducted in-depth dialogue with emphasis needs, dreams, and budget of the client.


Planning includes a complete thought on all aspects of space: foreign and domestic as a single, efficient division of space, giving space to provide technical systems, use of appropriate materials selected from a wide variety tight budget management in finding a simple, accurate and practical for any purpose.


I believe in listening, professionalism, quality elections, carefully, and cooperation.

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Tel: 052-6098885

Address: 27 Halehi street Bnei-Brak 

חגית וסטשניידר | סטודיו לאדריכלות ועיצוב פנים

 052-6098885 | hagit@west-arch.co.il 

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